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Scout Accounts

What is the ‘Scout Account’?
Scout Accounts are individual accounts set up for each scout to hold credit earned through individual fundraising activities. Accounts are created and maintained by the Troop.

Why do ‘Scout Accounts’ exist?
Scout Accounts exist to teach the fundamentals of a saving program for the scouts. They will learn how to save and can earn their way to scouting activities through their hard work selling spaghetti tickets. Additionally, scout accounts encourage participation in activities and reduce the overall cost of scouting to the scout and his family.

What can funds in the ‘Scout Account’ be used for?
Any Scout related activity such as day camp, camping (scout’s cost only), field trips (“Go See Its”), camping supplies, or dues.

What CAN’T the funds be used for?
Non scouting activities and non scouting items.

How does the scout earn funds in his ‘Scout Account’? 
A portion of the profits generated from our spaghetti dinner event will be added to the Scout’s Account.

How does the scout use funds in his ‘Scout Account’? 
After incurring an approved expense, submit a request (including receipt/proof of purchase) to the Troop Treasurer for reimbursement.

What if my scout stops scouting or does not re-enroll the following year and has a balance? 
The balance is forfeited and transferred to the Pack’s general fund.

What if I have more questions?    
Contact the Troop Committee Chair or Treasurer.

Scout Accounts

Alexander C$154.09
Billy D$417.20
Brian R$79.77
Dylan U$201.56
Evan M$180.79
Holan O$192.48
Jacob M$217.21
Jorge A$83.58
Justin M$192.04
Mac C$354.53
Nic D$31.62
Nick D$333.82
Ryan M$262.55
Sam A$209.94
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