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Meeting on 10/17/18

This week, we had a PLC for most of the meeting, where we planned upcoming meetings and camp outs. Below is the schedule for meetings in November.

Date Meeting Description
10/30 Tuesday meeting because of Halloween on Wednesday. Campout Prep
11/7 First Aid (Session 1)
11/14 First Aid (Session 2)
11/21 NO MEETING – Thanksgiving
11/28 First Aid (Session 3)

May 9th

Today, we discussed and made final preparations for our Annual Spaghetti Dinner on Friday this week. We discussed what everybody’s job will be. After that, we created drafts of posters/flyers that we will hang up for people to see and hopefully encourage people to join Troop 50 in scouting.
Below is Information for Friday.


Servers Bussers Drinks Greeters Announcers
Vinnie Zach Nic Eric Eric
Billy Anjamin Brian Hollan Hollan
Andrew Grant


Servers: Make sure there are always four servers, until we combine the lines, then drop it to two servers.
Bussers: Make sure there are always two bussers, one on each side of the gym.
Drinks: Make sure there are always filled drinks on the table.
Greeters: Welcome the guests, make them feel important and excited. Collect their tickets if the have them, direct them to the payment table if they are purchasing at the door.
Announcers: Engage the guests, direct them to the silent auction and mini raffle, and of course the Grand Prize Raffle!

Before Dinner

  • Arrive at 4:30 on Friday at the Wilmot Gym for setup.
  • Servers and Drinks: Wear your class B.
  • Bussers, Greeters, and Announcers: Wear your class A.

During Dinner

  • Follow your assigned role throughout the dinner.
  • Communicate with the rest of the people on your team.

After Dinner

  • Everybody stays until dismissed after the dinner!

General Tips:

  • This is a public event, it is most important that our guests feel welcome. Keep a smile on your face.
  • Do not be seen arguing or bickering with members on your team or siblings
  • Do your best to answer any questions any guests have for you. If you can’t, direct them to somebody who may such as an older scout or an adult leader.
  • Advertise our troop to children and their parents, tell them how great scouting is!

Jan. 10th

Today, we jumped right into Iron Chef. In Iron Chef, the scouts were split into two teams and were each given the same ingredients and challenged to make a dish that is better than the other team. The first team was Hollan, Zack, and Andrew and the second team was Brian, Roman, and Grant. Team 1 made a dish that looked like tacos with spam and sauce inside on the side were eggs and corn. Team 2 called their dish “Special Surprise” and they made tacos too, with spam, sauce, and two different cheeses inside. On the side of their dish, they had rice, corn, and baby bells. The Judges, Alexander and Mac, had to try both of our meals and score them based on taste, presentation, and other categories. Team two won the contest, with a score of 6 out of 10. Team two was in second place scoring only 2 points out of 10.


  • This Saturday (January 13th) We will be going to Wilmot Mountain to go tubing. It costs 30 dollars to go. Try to make a presence, as some cub scouts are interested in coming.
  • A cub scout recruiting even is coming up in a few weeks.

Nov. 29th

The first thing that we got done today was Patrol Assignments. Patrols are listed below. After Patrol assignments, we worked on the Go Kart. Tonight, we also had to bring in presents for our Adopted Family, which will be shipped out Thursday Morning.


  • Chicago Hike is on Dec. 16th. Families are welcome and encouraged to come.
  • Thu. December 14th after school we will go to Highland Park High School for the movie making merit badge. There will a carpool at Deerfield High School.
The Junior Patrol Secret Service
Hollan Justin
Brian* Michael
Grant Andrew*
Roman George
Nic Vinnie

* Denotes a Patrol Leader

Nov. 15th

Today at 7:00 there was a PLC.  There we discussed upcoming meetings and camp outs, which will be posted on the calendar, however, the upcoming meetings are listed below:

  • November 29th: Egg Drop
  • December 6th: Go Kart and Patrol Assignment
  • December 13th: Bridge Builder
  • December 20th: Monkey Bridge
  • January 3rd: Go Kart
  • January 10th: Iron Chef
  • January 17th: Merit Badge Day (Badge to be determined)
  • January 24th: Lazer Tag
  • January 31st: Scouting Olympics

Note that this schedule is subject to change.

A the PLC, Hollan had a Breakout/Escape Room type game set up. There were 6 locks on the box and it took us around 40-45 minutes to complete without using any of our three hints. Before the meeting, Hollan hid the clues around the basement for us to find. The clues gave us hints to unlock the locks on the box and get the cookies from inside. After cookies and milk, we went outside for a few minutes and went to the park.

Nov 8th

Tonight we worked on rank advancement and cleaned up from the camping trip last weekend. Here are the announcements:

  1. We are presenting the check to the West Deerfield Food Pantry tomorrow, Thu Nov 9th. Any Scouts that are able to be there please wear your Class A.
  2. We are finalizing the date for the December Chicago Hike. It will be either Dec 9th or Dec 16th. We are looking for suggestions for neighborhoods to visit.
  3. The adopt-a-family for holidays gifts are due on Nov 29th. Please look for an email with details. We need everyone to help shop for our adopted family — a mom, a son age 11 and a daughter age 4.
  4. No meeting the day before Thanksgiving.

That is all.

May 3rd

It’s that time of year when everyone’s calendar gets crazy full with year-end stuff. There’s a lot of fun Troop 50 activities coming up — please take a minute to get these on your family calendar!!!
Friday — Spaghetti Dinner — 4:45pm at Wilmot. Attendance is required.
Saturday — need volunteers to help at the Junior Achievement Trivia Night. See email that went out last week.
Sunday — Jacob Montgomery’s Eagle Court of Honor – let’s help Jacob celebrate this great accomplishment. 2pm at the church in Class A’s.
Next Wed – we are going to iFly. You have to RSVP by tomorrow night. There’s no meeting at the church.
May 19th – 21st — Camping at Warren Dunes! Voted best campout 7 years running. We need everyone to sign up asap.
May 21st — Jake Conway’s Eagle Court of Honor — let’s celebrate this great accomplishment with Jake and his family.
June 7th — last Court of Honor of the year & Scoutmaster Cookout! Voted best Court of Honor 7 years running.
June 11th — Double Eagle Court of Honor — Scott Stern and Dylan Utterback are going to attempt to pull off a rare double Eagle CoH. Let’s join the Sternback’s in celebrating Dylott’s great accomplishment.

April 19th

  • Congrats to Roman and Alexander for winning the weekly prizes for selling spaghetti dinner tix.
  • We’re 10 days away from US Grant Pilgrimage. Sign up!
  • Spaghetti dinner is fast approaching. May 5th!!! Everyone needs to buy tickets. Also please sign up for a basket.
  • May 10th we’re going indoor skydiving at iFly.  You have to sign up!!! Only $20 for scouts.

April 12th

  • US Grant Pilgrimage is coming up. Be sure to sign up for our April event. April 28th – April 30th
  • We’re going flying! Or at least indoor skydiving. May 10th @ 6:30pm meeting at the iFly facility in Rosemont. You have to RSVP. Cost is only $20!!!
  • Spaghetti dinner is fast approaching — May 5th. Sell tickets!! Turn them in each Wed night for a chance to win great prizes.
  • We’re building a go-kart! Our project this spring is a go-kart. We started working on it tonight with more work planned next week. How cool is that?

March 1st

  • We welcomed the new Scouts from Pack 50 tonight. Happy to have Owen, Roman and Will in our Troop!
  • Reminder that the Order of the Arrow election is going to be held next week.
  • Our March campout is coming up — March 17 thru 19 @ Kettle Moraine.

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