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Fees & Fundraisers


Our tradition in Troop 50 is to ask that Scouts pay dues once a year (rather than paying a small amount each week or month). Dues are used for Troop equipment, Boy’s Life, insurance and other expenses. At the same time, we renew our charter with the Northeast Illinois Council and update our membership files for both the Scouts and adult leaders.

The dues for Scouts and registered adult leaders are:

  • $55 for each Scout ($45 for the second Scout in the same family)*
  • $15 for adult leaders

Campouts: The troop pays for the cost of the campground. Fees for activities like canoing or climbing, typically range from $25 to $75. There is typically a cost of $9 or $10 for food.

Summer Camp: $250.00 a week for boys, and the adults vary depending upon how many boys attending.

High Adventure: $650.00 approx. This will vary on where we go and the type of activities we do.

All fees must be paid at least a week prior to an event, or your child will not be allowed to attend. Some events, such as summer camp and high adventure, may have earlier deadlines.

*If money is a problem or concern for you, please let the Scoutmaster or Committee Chairman know about it. There are ways from council, etc. for attending summer camp, and we can work out a payment plan, etc. for Troop expenses. But please remember, we will not keep your boy out of participating because of money issues.*

Our Fundraisers Include:

With all of the pressure put on boys time – school, sports or extra-curricular activities, and scouting – we have found the most effective fundraising is our annual spaghetti dinner. This event is held in May and the Scouts sell tickets for the dinner. There is also a silent auction for items donated by area businesses. A portion of the proceeds will be “deposited” directly into the boy’s Scout account to be used for any appropriate Scouting related expense. Click here to find out more about Scout Accounts.


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