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Jan. 10th

Today, we jumped right into Iron Chef. In Iron Chef, the scouts were split into two teams and were each given the same ingredients and challenged to make a dish that is better than the other team. The first team was Hollan, Zack, and Andrew and the second team was Brian, Roman, and Grant. Team 1 made a dish that looked like tacos with spam and sauce inside on the side were eggs and corn. Team 2 called their dish “Special Surprise” and they made tacos too, with spam, sauce, and two different cheeses inside. On the side of their dish, they had rice, corn, and baby bells. The Judges, Alexander and Mac, had to try both of our meals and score them based on taste, presentation, and other categories. Team two won the contest, with a score of 6 out of 10. Team two was in second place scoring only 2 points out of 10.


  • This Saturday (January 13th) We will be going to Wilmot Mountain to go tubing. It costs 30 dollars to go. Try to make a presence, as some cub scouts are interested in coming.
  • A cub scout recruiting even is coming up in a few weeks.

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