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May 9th

Today, we discussed and made final preparations for our Annual Spaghetti Dinner on Friday this week. We discussed what everybody’s job will be. After that, we created drafts of posters/flyers that we will hang up for people to see and hopefully encourage people to join Troop 50 in scouting.
Below is Information for Friday.


Servers Bussers Drinks Greeters Announcers
Vinnie Zach Nic Eric Eric
Billy Anjamin Brian Hollan Hollan
Andrew Grant


Servers: Make sure there are always four servers, until we combine the lines, then drop it to two servers.
Bussers: Make sure there are always two bussers, one on each side of the gym.
Drinks: Make sure there are always filled drinks on the table.
Greeters: Welcome the guests, make them feel important and excited. Collect their tickets if the have them, direct them to the payment table if they are purchasing at the door.
Announcers: Engage the guests, direct them to the silent auction and mini raffle, and of course the Grand Prize Raffle!

Before Dinner

  • Arrive at 4:30 on Friday at the Wilmot Gym for setup.
  • Servers and Drinks: Wear your class B.
  • Bussers, Greeters, and Announcers: Wear your class A.

During Dinner

  • Follow your assigned role throughout the dinner.
  • Communicate with the rest of the people on your team.

After Dinner

  • Everybody stays until dismissed after the dinner!

General Tips:

  • This is a public event, it is most important that our guests feel welcome. Keep a smile on your face.
  • Do not be seen arguing or bickering with members on your team or siblings
  • Do your best to answer any questions any guests have for you. If you can’t, direct them to somebody who may such as an older scout or an adult leader.
  • Advertise our troop to children and their parents, tell them how great scouting is!

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